## Welcome

Hi ! Welcome on hackade.org, a personal website intended to share code and experiments about cyber security.

## Projects

- [Truepolyglot](https://truepolyglot.hackade.org/): a PDF/ZIP polyglot file generator project in Python.
- [Honeyjs](https://gitlab.com/hackade.org/honeyjs): a fake server administration website in static html/js. [demo root:password1234](https://an.hackade.org)
- [Inexact](https://gitlab.com/hackade.org/inexact): an experimental cryptographic tool, multi-platform, scriptable in C.

## Online tools

- [CyberChef](/cyberchef/): a local instance to prevent usage leaks, JS code and HTTP headers have been modified.
- [CORS checker](https://cors.hackade.org): a tool to check if the browser behavior complies with Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policies.