Hackade.org is a website intended to share projects and experimentation about computer (in)security, electronics and more globally information technology.

Open source projects

Open source projects are hosted on a Gitea instance here: http://git.hackade.org.

About the hosting

Hackade.org and all associated services (DNS, SMTP, forge, and other private ones) are self-hosted. To improve privacy and security, there is in front of the servers, two reverse proxy hosted by IONOS. The server infrastructure is continually improved, modified and used as an experimentation platform for certain services and protocols.

What does hackade means ?

The word « hackade » is an invented word using the French suffix -ade which means "the action of", hackade is the action of hack.

Who am I

My nickname is Ben (voluntarily as many other people). I'm a security enthusiast, focused on open source software, electronics, privacy and many related fields. I'm French and work as a security engineer in an R&D team.

This website (and more globally server infrastructure) is operated by me and is not related to my professional activity.

I don't expose my life on the Internet and try not to use other people's computers to store my data, so I'm not on Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub and other trendy service.


You can contact me at "ben <at> hackade.org", or if the email service is down "4ddac549519894cdd12aa7b21965b045-411654 <at> contact.gandi.net".